Beavers welcome pack

We are delighted that your child has joined us and is ready to start their amazing adventure, learn new skills, and make friends.

This welcome pack contains everything you will need to know about our group including group fees, activities, badges, and how your child can get the most out of their time with us. If you have any questions about the group, please speak to a member of the leadership team.

Being invested

After six weeks with us, your child will be invested. This means that they make their Beaver promise and receive their necker, woggle, and group badges. Beavers will also start wearing their new uniform.

Uniforms can be purchased from the online scout shop or they can be purchased from:

St. Andrew Scout Hut, (behind St Andrews Church)
Damfield Lane

To help keep group fees as low as possible we ask that parents pay £10 towards their child’s investiture which covers the cost of their necker, woggle, and badges.

What happens on a group night?

We know that starting somewhere new can seem pretty daunting. When your child joins the group they will be given a buddy. This is either a Beaver they already know or one who has been with the group for a while. They will look after the new Beaver and help understand the rules for the group.

The night usually beings with the different sections lining up into their groups. During this time, leaders will have a chance to see who has and hasn’t got the correct uniform on and who is attending. It also gives them a chance to have a quick chat before the main activity of the night beings to see how everyone is.

Beavers are then taken out to their chosen activity for the night.

Occasionally, Scouts, Cubs, and Beavers will be involved in the same activity so will usually stay in the large hall or go outside to the playing field. 

At the end of the night, the different sections line up again and each leader will give out notices or updates. For Beavers, this is the time when we select the Beaver of the night. This award is given to the Beaver who has been the best behaved and has taken part in the activity.

Badges and activities

From their very first day at Beavers to their last day at Explorers, being a Scout is all about trying new things and steadily growing strong.

Each activity that a Beaver is involved in during group is linked to a badge. This ensures that they can start earning their badges straight away. It starts with their membership badge and climbs up. Each Beaver can work towards earning as many badges as they like and at their own pace. And by the time they move on to Cubs, they’ll have a whole host of achievements under their belt.

There are four types of badges a Beaver can earn.

Challenge Awards

Challenge Awards are all about stepping outside of their comfort zone by trying out something they wouldn’t normally do or be interested in.

Activity and Staged badges

These make up most of the badges a Beaver can earn. They allow them to try something different or learn a new skill. Stage badges are numbered and move up with the Beaver into Cubs and Scouts.

Chief Scout Award

This is the highest award a Beaver can earn, and it’s something they will work on gradually throughout their time as a Beaver. To get the Chief Scout Award, a Beaver needs to complete all of the Challenge Awards and any four Activity/Staged badges.

Earning badges and awards at home

As well as earning their badges and awards during their time during group and on camps, a Beaver can also be working towards their badges at home. For example, the Personal Challenge award allows a Beaver to choose their own challenge. This can be helping with the dishes at home for a week or making their bed.

If your child has swimming lessons or is learning to play an instrument, let us know as this too will count towards a badge.

Where badges go on the Beaver uniform.

Where badges go on the Beaver uniform.

Camps and nights away

Part of being in the Scouts is spending the night away at camp and taking part in a whole host of different activities from den building to camp cooking. We usually try and hold at least one night-away camp so that a Beaver can earn their Nights Away Badge.

We understand that staying out overnight for a young Beaver can be scary and that some may not feel happy staying overnight, but don’t worry, they will still be able to take part in the camp. Parents are welcome to collect their children from camp before everyone settles down to sleep and bring them back in time for breakfast. However, we would encourage you to speak to your child and reassure them that staying at camp is nothing to be scared of and they will be well looked after by the leaders. After all, you are only a phone call away.

Moving up to Cubs

When a Beaver turns 8 years old, it’s time to move up to Cubs.

Moving on to Cubs is a really exciting time, but your child might also feel a little sad about saying farewell to some of their fellow Beavers. This is an understandable reaction to change and it is okay to feel nervous and unsure, but don’t worry our Cubs will make them feel welcome and ensure they feel part of the group.

If you have any concerns about your child moving from Beavers to Cubs, please speak to a Group Leader.

Badges, awards, and a new uniform

When a Beaver moves up to Cubs, they will not only get to earn more badges and be involved in some amazing activities, but they will also get a new uniform. Not all of a Beaver’s badges will have to go on their new uniform, just their membership badge, group, district, and area badges plus their staged badges.